Horacio Salgado

Horacio Salgado


Hi, I am Specialist Horacio Salgado and I served in the U.S. Army for 7 years. I served 3 years in Iraq and returned home with multiple injuries which became the deciding factor to be discharged from the service. Unfortunately, my transaction into the civilian life has not been a pleasant one.  I am currently attending college under the Veterans college fund, but, I still have not been able to find employment as the injuries that I suffered in Iraq has hindered my everyday coping on life.

I am receiving disability from the veterans administration and a set amount from my college fund.  It is just not enough to sustain my monthly bills and take care of my son and family, and, it will run out soon.  I am constantly trying to find a job and provide for my family while living a normal life under the circumstances of the pain and suffering that I endure daily for serving my country in Iraq for 3 years.

I am asking for any generous donations to SaveMyVet so that they can help me sustain my bills in order to have shelter and food for my family and me until I am able to be lucky enough to find a good paying job that will get me back on my feet.  Any donation will make our family feel like my military service and the horrible pain that I suffer daily was for a good reason.
Thank you everyone that donates to SaveMyVet. My family and I humbly thank you.

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