About SaveOurVet

WE have applied for, and, will be, a 501(c)(3),nonprofit Tax exempt organization.  

At SaveOurVet, your very generous donations will go to the veterans in need, or, set up specific accounts for them, so that they can take care of their daily struggles that they have been enduring while just trying to make it in society and feel good about themselves and their dedicated service that they provided for our country.

This financial relief will allow the veterans and their families in need to take the stress out of their lives and allow them to control and live a comfortable life with their families and friends, take care of their personal struggles and hardships, and be recognized for their dedicated service and sacrifices that they have provided for our great country.  Isn’t that the least we can do to help the veterans in need.  Your donations will help to pay their bills or take care of their medical situation or any other situation that they are struggling with.

If you wait for the system to take care of them then it is too late.  The system does not work good and many fall through the cracks and their struggle is their own cross to bear.  Look at the current news and decide for yourself.  So many veterans and active duty personnel can tell you the horrible issues they endure every single day while the system finds ways not to provide the services that are supposed to be provided, or they make it so hard that the majority of them just give up trying.

SaveOurVet has a goal to be the best campaign out there and we want to provide 93% of all proceeds to the submitted Veterans and families in need. Your donations are 100% tax exempt and will help out veterans and their families in need. Donate today!!!

Low Overhead

SaveOurVet has only 5 employees.  All of our employees are dedicated to helping our nation’s heroes, and, strives daily to try to make that a reality. We are a digital remote team, so, we do not have finances tied up in tangible assets so that way more of your donations go directly to the veteran in need. We have very minimal costs to reimburse, which allows us to give more to the veteran and  family in need. We want to be able to assist veterans and their families at a moments notice, not after next month’s fundraising campaign.

Trustworthy Leadership

One of the biggest advantages that SaveOurVet has, is, our leadership. We are founded and led by former Special Operation Soldiers, or, family and friends, who have fought for our nation, and, seen the effects and struggles that serving your nation can have on veterans and their families when they return home. This unique perspective is the driving force behind our efforts to ensure that every donation is used to it’s maximum potential. This drive is a no-brainer and this vision is instilled in every member of the SaveOurVet Team.