SaveOurVet History


rick_squareWelcome to SaveOurVet. I served, honorably, for over 32 years in the United States Army, with the majority of it in special operations, and, have recently retired as a Sergeant Major. Unlike the average civilian, almost all of my friends have served in the armed forces. During my transition to civilian life I found myself catching up with the brothers and sisters that I served with. Some of my brothers and sisters sustained life changing injuries that resulted in disabilities which prevented them from entering the workforce, and, not being able to support themselves and their families like they could when they were on active duty. It was at this point that I realized, I wanted to develop a better way to help make some life changing difference in all veteran’s struggles. Seeing my brothers and sisters struggle with their real-life issues and coping with a diminished quality of life, compelled me to not be trapped by dogma and to do what I do best, help others in need.

For those that do not know, the pay offered by the military for retirement, or, the Veterans Administration to veterans with a disability compensation, does not equal the cost of living in todays society. If a veteran is unable to work, they are forced to live off of the pre-set amount given, which in most cases, is not enough. Once the veteran is not able to have enough income to sustain his family with the simple bills, the stress and hardships become clearer, and then, the crises begins for the veteran and their family. As a result, I felt compelled to reach into my personal savings and help several of my friends and people that I did not even know just so they could make it another day. As a single father to three amazing daughters, I was not in a position to where I could continue providing financial support to my friends and fellow veterans out of my own pocket. We all know that it is expensive to live, and, if you are a suffering veteran,with bills piling up or, additional medical procedures that are not fully covered,or other issues as the list goes on and on, it is even worse.  Most veterans would rather suffer than to ask for help, the system destroys any vision of truly being helped in a reasonable amount of time. I know this better than anyone!

Because of the constant struggles and inadequacies that I have seen,  my good veteran friend and I have teamed up to create SaveOurVet with the hopes that a good cause will become the standard, while raising the bar for all to strive for in order to receive donations and pass them directly to the veteran and family requesting assistance in what ever capacity they apply for. I know that some may have concerns as to whether the veteran in need will actually get the most from the donations, SaveOurVet pledges to be clear and concise on providing the most available to the veteran. We do all we can to ensure the applicant is providing true information so that there are not any bogus requests because when that happens then the veteran in need looses out again.  We have a multi-tier design so you can donate and feel good about where your money is actually going. Our Nation took these brave service members and accepted their service, but, when they were done with them and they came home, they are left alone with their own struggles.  Now, They need US. We need to donate for their situation in need and give them financial relief which will provide them with their future that they deserve and fought so tirelessly for.

We do not know them all, but our nation owes every veteran in need.   The time to donate is now!!

If everyone that visits this site donates something, then, we will be able to help every veteran in need in some capacity that signs up.  Lets help a veteran today.


SaveOurVet has a goal to be the best campaign out there and we want to provide 93% of all proceeds to the submitted Veterans and families in need. Your donations are 100% tax exempt and will help out veterans and their families in need. Donate today!!!

WE have applied for, and, will be, a 501(c)(3),nonprofit Tax exempt organization.