Mission Statement

SaveOurVet Mission Statement:

We have applied for and will be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Tax exempt organization.

There is a sad and tragic side to being a veteran, returning home to family and friends and trying to survive in society with the struggles that have been created and incurred while serving our great nation, but, not cured, or, in some cases, not even recognized properly and treated. At SaveOurVet, we are on a mission to change this.

We, at SaveOurVet, are disgusted at seeing veterans and their families still struggling in everyday life just to get by.  It’s a shame that there are some donation sites out there that do not provide actual financial relief, however, instead, just give backpacks and hugs and group meetings, empowerment to talk about your problem with others or have sporting events or outings in order to raise money but the majority of the financial relief does not go to the veteran in need.  There are a lot of donation sites with good intent, and they are helping, but it is just not enough! There are too many veterans and families still suffering and having daily hardships while just trying to make it day to day.

All this emotional rhetoric is good to some point; however, it has been documented and it seems that the majority of the wonderful donors monies for a large number of charities goes to crazy expenses, while lining the gold pockets, and, providing luxurious outings and expensive toys for the staff while at the end of the day, the veteran in need, after being used as a poster child,  goes back home with all the same problems, can not pay their mortgage, or, car payment, can not get a job, huge medical bills, electric bills, need help with current medical conditions not covered by the veterans administration or no health coverage, food for family or self, Fighting the government’s red tape for earned compensation, or, services, or, getting help for conditions incurred on active duty not recognized due to paperwork or red tape or work related issues. The disturbing list goes on and on but you can see where I am going right?

 Honestly, we are not helping the very veteran that answered the call to protect and serve for our great nation. The Veteran in need has to get financial relief directly for their immediate problem, otherwise, everyday life will continue to be an endless struggle.  www.saveourvet.org  will provide financial relief for ongoing and current hardships for the veteran in need with your very kind and generous donations.

SaveOurVet has a goal to be the best campaign out there and we want to provide 93% of all proceeds to the submitted Veterans and families in need. Your donations are 100% tax exempt and will help out veterans and their families in need.   Donate today!!!