Care Packages To Troops

Care Packages always enhance the morale and well-being of the servicemen and women throughout the globe.  We know!  We have been there!  The morale and well being is always challenged when on the front lines, away from home, and family, while being in harms way wondering what can happen next.  You may not realize it, but, every day, each and every one of the troops has in the back of their minds at least one item they wish they could have, but, its just not there.  They can not walk into a store and just pick it out, so, care packages are the next best thing.

Holidays are also coming up. Please help us send the troops deployed and in harms way some care packages. Your generous donations will allow us to send a little bit of home and happiness to the troops so they can focus more on their deployment while in harms way while serving our great nation.

Care packages make a difference. Lets show our support to them.  Your kind donation will allow SaveMyVet to get more care packages to the men and women in uniform that are serving in harms way on the front lines,

Thank you,

SaveMyVet Team