Laura Thompson

lauraWith Laura, it is a bitter sweet success story. I tried to help Laura with her hardships but it just seemed that everything she tried to do with the air force and the veterans administration was a dead end. So many regulations and documents needed to get any help. I personally watched her constantly get the run-around but there was nothing I could do to cut through the denial of service, or, for help to her as one person.

Laura was with her family and loved ones when it all fell to the worse and she passed away. SaveMyVet put the original website together to try to help Laura and worked with the family and loved ones to help her get the best possible memorial service with veterans honors, but, even that was a huge hardship that finally came together.

Since then, savemyvet has worked dilligently, due to many issues with the site in order to continue to carry the torch for Laura, and, to help out as many veterans and their families in need that we can, with your donations.