Debbie Schroder

Debbie Schroder

Command Sergeant Major


I just recently retired as a Command Sergeant Major.  I have always taken care of my troops in need, and, I just never thought this would happen to me, but, it has.  I am disappointed to have to endure such run-around and lack of proper coverage for injuries that I received while  serving my country. One of my big complaints that I am trying to correct is an injury to my right knee which I damaged really bad in 2003 during a deployment, since then, I’ve had two surgeries to minimize the damage but it has only been short term relief. During my last deployment in 2011 in Iraq, I injured it again, causing very difficult lateral movements and hardly any range of motion for use and its constantly to the point of unbearable and extremely painful. I have been to the Veterans Administration multiple times, and, I have been given pain meds, however, they still have not addressed the real cause of the injury and it really does not provide relief or comfort.
I had enough.  The quick fix answer of pain medication is not the answer. I was tired of getting the run-around, so, I went to a private orthopedic surgeon in 2015.   I will need the knee replaced due to the permanent damage and the prolonged use while it was damaged.  I opted for a short term solution of filler injections until I can afford the replacement, or, maybe if a less evasive option is available, until I finally have enough money to have the knee replaced.  

Just remember, a knee replacement is usually only good for 10 years, so, ill have to do it again eventually. I am sure there will be so many other surgeries that stem from this one. It is expensive. I am not a person who can sit idle and let life pass me by, however, the injury limits my participation in many of the activities I enjoy in life. I have many other medical injuries on top of this but this is the most demoralizing as I can not do hardly anything due to the pain and loss of motion and strength and atrophy. It can be so overwhelming, but, I take it day by day.  I do have medical insurance, however, I am still responsible for at least 20%, and that does not include therapy and all the time to recover. I will continue to save until I have enough to cover my costs, which is approximately 20K to start, that is what I have to pay.

Until such time, I will continue with injections, to ease the pain and increase mobility.  Its a shame that any veteran has to pay out of their own pockets to get fair, equal, or better treatment for injuries that were sustained while serving this great nation.  Society is not aware of all the hardships and time waiting and waiting that service members and veterans go through in order to have any injuries properly taken care of.  I hope one day I can help improve the help veterans receive.


I hate asking for help but I just can not afford to get the proper treatment and every day is a challenge until I get the medical attention I need for the pain and loss of use.


Please donate to SaveMyVet so that they can help lighten my financial load and I can get all the medical coverages that I need in order to live better with my body being able to keep me moving and being productive



thank you very much,

Command Sergeant Major -Retired,

Debbie, S.

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