Jesse Murphree

Jesse Murphree


image1-1My name is Jesse Murphree, I am 28 years old and I was medically retired from the Army due to injuries I sustained in Afghanistan. I was told about this organization by a friend of mine and he insisted I sign up. I don’t like to ask for help but my family and I are in desperate need. Right now we are in a bind because my disability pay from Social Security had been suspended in April which put us behind for a few months as well as other unexpected expenses that have come up. We are behind on our bills and struggling to get ahead on just my disability pay.

I was injured on December 27th 2007 while serving with Bco 2/503rd 173rd ABCT in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.  I was injured from an IED losing both my legs above the knees, shattering my right forearm which caused severe damage to my ulna nerve, my stomach was blown up causing internal damage, and,  I suffer from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD. I’ve had a total of 65 surgeries and still ongoing.

My wife, Ashlee, had to leave her job to help me 2 years ago because my recovery is ongoing. We are struggling to make ends meet for us and our 4 year old son, Brody. Every day is a struggle, but, we keep pushing on with hopes of just making it.  I have continued medical issues that are expensive that need addressing and its not easy to take care of these while trying to just cover the normal expenses. required to have a house and decent living conditions.   The amount I receive form the VA for my disability compensation is barely enough to get by.  I apologize for even reaching out, but, we are desperate and my family and I could truly use donations from savemyvet to help us right now so we can at least sustain!

Thank you so much for your time.
Cpl Jesse Murphree (retired)

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