Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

C-130 Crew Chief

Laura Thomson is a 48 years old. A crew chief in the Air Force on C-130 Gun Ships, B-52”s and other awesome aircraft. Laura got out to pursue college and life. Her life dream was to get back into the Air Force after completion of College.  I personally watched and helped her as much as I could with her struggles of red tape, DOD requirements and lack of help provided to reach those goals and get back into the Airforce.  Life got in the way of her dream, it was difficult for Laura, she went to the Veterans Administration and all of the other Veteran Assistance programs for help, but , due to protocol, red tape, regulations, fluff, and, for one reason or the other, she did not qualify for their assistance.

During  these ridiculous and unheard of struggles, Laura lost everything. During that time that she was having all of these problems, she had lost her transportation, her house, and all of her belongings, she was not provided a job nor could she find one. Laura continued trying to get assistance from the so called benefits for being a veteran but they were just not enough if there were even any helped at all, so, she went with out mostly.

Family and friends helped Laura, but, it was just so much that she needed and its very hard to do.  We all know the system, its not easy to get help.  Laura became very sick during her struggles and thought she had food poisoning, since she had no medical coverage at all and the VA or hospitals would not see her, she tried to wait it out herself, after a few days, she was brought into the emergency room.  Laura was found to have Colon Cancer stage 4, and, went into immediate surgery.

Laura was able to finally get medicaid to cover some of the bills as of now, however, its not looking very good for Laura and her life struggle to beat this horrible cancer that has spread throughout her body.

Update: Very sad news.  Laura has lost the hardest battle of her life to cancer and has passed away. SavemyVet is doing all it can to ensure Laura and her family have a wonderful memorial service with military honors and any benefits from the military that she is entitled.

We deeply hope that we can achieve our goal in helping other Veterans in need with your support and have you part of the SaveMyVet Organization and Family.

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