Mark Swafford

Mark Swafford


I am Sergeant Mark Swafford and I served over 10 years in the US army. My tour in Iraq was intense and very hostile while assigned to the Military police.  My duties brought me home with so many medical issue that it interfered with my daily military career. After attempting to cope with these issues I tried to get all the medical help I needed but the drawn out, over crowded, and endless system just seemed to never get any relief for me. Eventually, it over took me and created so many issues in the military and I had to be discharged. Once a veteran is discharged, then you have to go through a process to be compensated for injuries by the veterans association.  This can take a very long time to complete, if ever.  I had to go through the system of red tape and tons of documents at the hand of others to be compensated by the veterans administration for injuries incurred in Iraq and the military. I am still enduring the system of being fully compensated and have no idea when it will become final.

I have a very hard time keeping my job due to my medical issues.  I was just transferred to another state or be terminated due to work but I did it because I have no choice, I have to work to live.  If anyone can find me a decent paying job, please help. The money that I do receive now from the veteran administration for my medical compensation is such a small amount that I am not able to even live comfortable or pay my bills with out all the stress and frustration that comes with it.

The money I make working, combined with my medical disability payment is horrible, but, I have to do what I can to make it day by day while I am waiting for the rest of my disability compensation to be finalized. This is so frustrating and stressful. I want to feel like I am productive in society.  I do not want to ask for help but its getting tougher and tougher every day.  I need quality medical help as well, and, I just can not seem to achieve it through the system.

I am asking everyone to please donate to SaveMYVet so that they can help me get the medical attention I need and to help me pay my living expenses in order to sustain a simple standard of living until I can find decent employment.  That way  I can live a decent quality of life without all this stress and hardship after serving my country and give back to my community.

Thank you very much’



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