Natalie George

Are you looking for a counselor that “gets it” and, has “been there” so she “understands” and really can help you?

I honorably served twelve years in the United States Army in the Military Police Corps.  Upon my departure, as a Staff Sergeant, tired of fighting the system and getting nowhere, I completed my master’s degree in counseling psychology, with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.

As a licensed professional counselor in Arizona, my passion is to work with those that most need it! Who needs it more than my fellow veterans?  The problem is that the ones that really need help are not getting it due to policies, regulations, red tape or other reasons that are not the fault of the veteran in need.  I understand the struggle that most veterans encounter when talking to a Social Worker at the Veterans Administration or on a military base.  Too many people are employed in a capacity that they do not understand or can rationalize,or, it is just an overload of the system, so, they are over tasked, overworked, and, understaffed!  Simple things that can be fixed or helped with easily are prevented due to incompetent rules or regulations; therefore, the veteran and their families in need are the ones that suffer.  Thinking that a civilian can “get” the perspective of a veteran and their current situation or the veterans in needs plead for help is an enormous misconception.

I describes my style as “person or client-centered” trauma focused treatment, with a side of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I am very easy going and am able to align with clients while providing a safe space for them from the very beginning. I am direct, honest and believe that everyone has a story to tell, a path to walk, and the ability to be the best version of themselves but just may need some quality help to get them on their feet in the right direction.

When asking Natalie the most important thing she would want people to know about her, “I can talk the talk because I walked the walk.”   My goal is to be there for any veteran in need, for any situation, or, need that I can provide help or counseling for.  I provide free service and counseling to veterans in need.  There are costs to all this, so, I am teaming up with SaveMyVet in order to achieve the goal of leaving nobody behind and helping every veteran in need.

Your generous donation to SaveMyVet will go directly to helping veterans in need.

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Natalie A. George, MSCP, NCC, LPC
Program Manager, College of Social Sciences

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