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Michele Evans

Administrative Assistant

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I have an enormous passion and admiration for all service members and their families for their sacrifices for our Country.  My objective is to manage the Veterans Application for Assistance, marketing, promotions, along with administrative tasks to support the success of SaveOurVet. I am an energetic administrative professional with many years experience.  I am a recognized leader, creative thinker with strong organizational skills, effective problem solver, and I have created excellent relationships with the public and team members.

I have made it my mission to network, set up campaigns, viewing booths, and donation platforms to support this campaign of Save Our Vet, to ensure it is seen throughout all the communities possible so that we can help our Veterans and their families in need.

I personally know the hardships that the Veterans have to fight for and endure on a daily basis just to receive the coverage that they are entitled to or should be entitled to.  Most Veterans in need never really get the full coverage and treatment that they are entitled due to rules, regulations, and red tape. Our nation has a great ability to take care of all Veterans in need, but, it seems they are not a priority. They need to be.  It is hard enough for Veterans to go from the military and then, into the civilian life, but if they have medical issues or life-altering situations then it is even worse for the Veteran and family in need. There are so many Veterans out there that sacrificed for US and now they are needing our help. Please donate today to Save Our Vet so that we can help every Veteran in need.

Thank You Very Respectfully,


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