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Rick Erickson

Founder and President

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I served over 32 years in the Army, mostly in Special Operations. Combat Wounded, and I retired as a Sergeant Major. I have seen so many Veterans fall through the cracks while not getting the help or support that they need, for the injuries and conditions that they received while serving this great nation.

We all know the hardships of trying to get help. Veterans do not want to ask for help, but they need the help. So, eventually, they try to get the help they need for their families in order to just make it. So many Veterans just give up asking for help, or, do not know where to go for help due to all the red tape, regulations, run around, or, crazy requirements. Veterans are tired of not being helped and give up which leads to depression, anxiety, many other medical and emotional issues making life to spiral down for them.

I created Save Our Vet in order to find a way to help Veterans by providing the donation goes directly to the Veterans in need. No backpacks handed out, no hugs, no emotional rhetoric, no events made with the donations while the Veteran in need goes home empty-handed to the same problems. Simply, your cash donation goes to them. Veterans have sacrificed so much for our nation. Don’t you think we can all donate some, in order to help the Veterans in need?  Let’s do it now in order to show them your support. That way, they can take care of their situation and can live decent lives with their family in this great country.

When the Nation needed them they were there to help. Now they need our help, so, let us answer their call and donate today.

Thank you Very respectfully,


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